MDT500HE Dog Tag and Red Medic Alert Tag Embossing Machine

ME1000 / ME2000 - Solid Construction, Speed and Versatility

These extremely durable and fast metal plate stamping machines are perfect for large-volume applications.  They come with a number of options to meet each user’s specific needs.  The ME1000 is a manual-plate-feed machine with an adjustable single-access-point plate input/output, while the ME2000 feeds plates automatically, with side eject or FIFO elevator stacker plate output options. 

New Metal Tag Embossing Machines for Sale

M10HE Dog Tag and Metal Plate Embossing Machine

MDT500HE - Reliability, Portability and Convenience

The MDT500 HE has been designed as a no-hassle metal tag marking machine for low to medium tag volumes and built with quality materials to ensure years of trouble-free service. Used for embossing or debossing on dog tags and oversized red medical alert tags, the new MDT500 HE is an all-in-one integrated unit.

M10HE - Simplicity, Flexibility and Affordability

The M10 HE is a portable, robust and compact solution for dog tag and other metal plate marking.  Because the unit is entirely manual and requires no power supply, it can be operated anytime and anywhere.

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ME1000 / ME2000 Dog Tag and Metal Plate Embossing Machine